Does Cold Weather Cause Colds? – These Are What You Need to Know

When children are clad in their winter clothing catching fun in the snow, one significant debate has been disturbing parents over the years: does cold weather cause colds? Despite popular belief that cold weather causes cold, there is no correlation between cold weather and cold development.

You, Cold Weather, and Colds?

Contrarily to the common belief, the cold temperature has been demonstrated to increase infection-fighting white blood cells. In addition, low temperature stresses children’s bodies and boosts their naturally defensive mechanism. Paradoxically, if you want your children to be healthy, allow them to play in the snow.

Since cold weather boosts the immune system, aren’t you curious to know why there are spikes in the cold during cold months|?

Cold Weather and the Spike in Cold – Why?

The spike isn’t as correlated to the cold weather as your habit during cold weather. During cold weather, the air is dry, and viruses thrive better in the environment with dry air. Homes that use forced-air heat are even worse. Rhinoviruses that cause cold circulates well with heating systems blowing warm, dry air through houses.


So, as parents, what do you do for your children to stay healthy and be safe from cold during cold weather? Basic hygiene, such as regular washing of hands, sneezing, and coughing into the elbow, will help you stay ahead.

Although cold weather does not induce colds, it is the source of many temperature-related illnesses. When youngsters play outside, keep an eye out for frostbite and hypothermia. To prevent children from cold-related conditions, dress them in layers, including insulating fabrics like cotton or wool under water-resistant outer layers.

In conclusion, the outdoors can be magnificent in the winter; you should allow your kids to enjoy every bite of it without the guilt that cold weather causes colds.

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